Christa's Total Body Fitness Challenge 2016

What better way to motivate yourself to get into shape than to compete with other people working towards the same goal?  

12 Weeks to a NEW you!

This contest will take place over 12 weeks starting June 13th, 2016.  All contestants will have a chance at winning the grand prize based off of their overall BMI change.  The person with the greatest percentage of BMI change will be awarded the grand prize; with additional prizes going to 2nd and 3rd place competitors as well.  Just sign up, weigh in and WIN!

Entering is easy!

Contestants can go to the following website to enter the contest.

CTBFS Contest

Everyone who signs up and completes the 12 weeks will get the following benefits.

- Entry into the contest to possibly win 1 of 3 prizes. ($100 or more value)

- A custom 12 week workout, able to be tracked by a phone / tablet app ($75 value)

- A customizable 12 week meal plan and nutrition guide ($75 value)

- Free access to our amazing TUFF Cardio Kickboxing class ($150 value)

- Free e-mail and text messaging support during the contest ($100 value)

- Access to our secret Facebook Group ($50 value)

OVER $500 in training and support for only $65

Simply click on this link, pay your entry fee, and you are IN!!!

The contest starts June 13th.  All information will be provided to you before then.

Contestants will be responsible for the following payments to complete the programs.

Entry Fee - Month One = $19.99

Entry Fee - Month Two = $25

Entry Fee - Month Three = $20

Payable in three separate payments, 

or a one time payment for a discounted $60 (Your Choice!)


CTBFS Contest

Contact us for more information by filling out the form below.